Our Aim at Highfields Academy is for all children to fulfil their full potential; to be independent and enthusiastic learners and to develop a love of learning, regardless of the barriers that stand in their way.


The New Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2015 and the Children and Families Act 2014, sets out the processes and procedures that all organisations should follow to meet the needs of children. We use this code to inform our graduated approach in school that recognises that children learn in different ways and can have different kinds of Special Educational needs. This begins with quality first teaching in class and can then develop into small group or individual, specific interventions. Our aim is to identify, at the earliest opportunity, barriers to learning and to ensure that every child experiences success in their learning and achieves to the highest possible standard. The progress of every child is monitored at half termly standards meetings and children identified are monitored by the teacher and interventions implemented to boost and support.


We work together with families to identify and support children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities (SEND). Once a child has been identified as needing additional support, we will create specific targets for that child. These targets will be monitored and revised accordingly by the Class Teacher, SENCO and parents. Some children may present with needs that require an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC plan). This will provide detailed guidance to identify how to effectively meet the child’s needs.


Within our school, the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) is Mrs Clothier. She is responsible for co-ordinating all the support for children with special educational needs (SEN) and or disabilities, and developing the school’s Special Educational Needs and disability (SEND) Policy to make sure all children get a consistent, high quality response to meeting their needs. 


The SENCO will regularly work with outside agencies such as the Cheshire East Educational Psychology Service, Behaviour Support, Cheshire East Autism Team, Continence Service or Speech and Language Therapists. On these occasions we ensure that parents are consulted and kept fully informed of any meetings or assessments that have been arranged on their behalf and copies of any reports are forwarded to them.


If you would like to arrange a meeting with Mrs Clothier to discuss your child’s needs please contact the office to ask for a meeting with the SENCO. She will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time. Alternatively email [email protected]









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