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At Highfields Academy, we understand the need for all children to have good level of reading and writing ability as this underpins many of the other subjects taught within the school.  Literacy is taught daily and encompasses reading, grammar, spelling rules and patterns (from Year 2-6) and writing.  Children also have regular opportunities to practise their oracy skills through the reading of their own writing, poems, class discussions/debates, school plays etc.

Phonics is taught in Reception and Year 1, with some children in Year 2 also receiving phonics lesson.  We use the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds scheme.

From the Spring Term 2023, we have adopted the Pathways to Write scheme (details below).  The scheme is split into six units, each lasting 4 - 6 weeks.  Each unit is split into three sections: Gateway, Pathway and Writeaway.  

Gateway:  This is an opportunity to 'hook' the children into the context for learning and to assess previously taught Mastery Keys.

Pathway:  Mastery skills are introduced along with a range of opportunity to practise and apply them in different writing taksks.

Writeaway:  Pupils are given a task in which they plan, write, check, edit, re-draft and do a final published version.  This is then used to assess their understand and application of the Mastery keys taught during that half-term.


  • Year group Literacy Information Leaflet
  • Top Tips for Reading with your child at home
  • How to help your child with reading
  • How to help your child with spelling
  • Literacy Subject Policy
  • Highfields Academy spelling programme
  • Highfields Pathways to Write scheme


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